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Underground Cities In Turkey Cappadocia

Among the countless beauties of Cappadocia, there are also underground cities. These cities were used as shelters by people living in the past. In times of war, thousands of people defended themselves against their enemies in these cities. Therefore, the underground cities of Cappadocia are of great historical importance. The largest of these underground cities is Derinkuyu Underground City. Nevsehir Derinkuyu Underground City attracts thousands of travelers every year with this feature. A must for Cappadocia trips is to visit the underground cities. There are many tours organized for you to visit the underground cities.

Moreover, these tours include special tours for those who want to visit an underground city in detail. In addition, if you want to visit more than one underground city, you can join group tours. With Derinkuyu Underground City Tour, you can spend your day visiting this extraordinary city. On the other hand, thanks to the Cappadocia Green Tour, you can have the opportunity to visit the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı together.Cappadocia is home to many natural and historical buildings. Among these, there are numerous valleys with beautiful views. If you want to visit fascinating places such as Lovers Valley, Gulludere Valley, Pigeon Valley, there are many tours you can join. Cappadocia horse tour, ATV tour, or camel tour are examples. There is also special valley walking tours for those who love to walk. Of course, the beauty of Cappadocia is not just fairy chimneys and valleys. In addition to these, Cappadocia is also famous for its underground cities. The history of these underground cities dates back to the years before Christ. Ozkonak Underground City Tour is one of the most remarkable ones.

Cappadocia is home to many underground cities. These cities consist of parts that people living in the Cappadocia region used both as warehouses and as shelters in times of war. Cappadocia underground cities with a capacity of thousands of people are also connected through tunnels. These structures, which were built by human power in ancient times, astonish those who see them. Therefore, the underground cities of Cappadocia open their doors to a large number of visitors.

What is Ozkonak Underground City

Ozkonak Underground City, with its thousands of years of history, is the center of attention of many local and foreign tourists. During your Cappadocia trip, you can visit this extraordinary structure with Ozkonak Underground City Tour. Moreover, underground city tours are organized as group tours as well as private tours. So, if you wish, you can also visit Kaymaklı Underground City with Ozkonak. For this, you can join the Cappadocia Blue Cruise.

The Cappadocia region is formed from the lava erupted by Mount Erciyes, Mount Hasan, and Mount Gullu. These soft tuff layers were eroded over time, creating fairy chimneys and unique valleys. Apart from these, thousands of years ago, people built shelters by carving these soft layers. One of them is Ozkonak Underground City. It is not known exactly when Ozkonak Underground City was built. However, as a result of research, it is thought that it was built around 400 BC. As in many regions of Cappadocia, Ozkonak has hosted many civilizations. These include the Hittites, Persians, and Romans. It is said that the Ozkonak region was the place where local principalities stayed during the Late Hittite period.

Where is Ozkonak Underground City

Ozkonak Underground City, whose history dates back to 400 BC, started to host its visitors in 1972. The city museum serves as an underground museum. Ozkonak Underground City is located in Ozkonak town of Avanos district of Nevsehir. The distance of the city from Avanos is 14 km. Apart from this, its distance to Nevsehir is approximately 35 kilometers. In addition, there is approximately 23 km between Goreme and Ozkonak. You can visit Nevsehir Ozkonak Underground City by joining private or group tours.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Before we talk about Cappadocia Derinkuyu Underground City; The Cappadocia region has many beauties underground as well as above ground. There are around 200 underground cities in Cappadocia. Of these, 36 are cities of unmatched size, stretching many meters below the ground. Here, Derinkuyu Underground City Tour is the biggest of these cities. Derinkuyu Underground City is still not completely cleared. However, it consists of 8 floors with the cleaned part. That is, it reaches a depth of 50 meters underground. It is thought that about 50 thousand people live in this underground city. It is thought that the completely cleaned state will extend up to 12-13 floors with a depth of more than 80 meters. Besides, the underground city is spread over an area of ​​around 4 square kilometers. However, the currently cleared portion is approximately 2.5 square kilometers.

How Big is Derinkuyu Underground City

The largest underground city in Cappadocia is Derinkuyu Underground City. Like other underground cities, Derinkuyu is not exactly know how old it is. However, according to the research of archaeologists, the history of Derinkuyu dates to 3000 BC. Until the beginning of the 1800s, this region of Cappadocia was not used for settlement purposes. For this reason, the discovery of Derinkuyu dates to 1900. Derinkuyu Underground City was discovered in 1963.

It was opened to the public in 1967. The approximate capacity of this underground city is 50 thousand people. Therefore, the question of how many floors Derinkuyu Underground City has is also frequently asked. Although not all of them have been cleaned, its 8 floors are open to visitors. The width of these floors is approximately 2.5 km2. Transportation in the city is provided by many tunnels. Since these tunnels are very narrow in places, it can be quite difficult to reach some sections.

Kaymakli Underground City

The Cappadocia region is one of the most valuable regions of Turkey in many respects. There are Love Valley, Gulludere Valley and many more valleys. For this reason, these valleys are cut out for people who love nature. They are officially created for those who want to escape from the crowds and stress of big cities and throw themselves into nature. You will be able to breathe in the fresh air, get rid of stress and walk for hours.

The fairy chimneys, which have become the symbol of Cappadocia, will also add beauty to these beauties. Apart from all these, of course, its history is also something else. There are many churches, monasteries and chapels. Likewise, there are not only places of worship in question. Apart from all these, there are also some of the most important structures in history that you will like. The structures we are talking about are also underground cities. We organize underground city tours for you to see these underground cities. Like the Cappadocia Kaymakli Underground City Tour.

Underground city tours are organized for you to get to know these cities better and learn more about them.

What is Underground City?

The underground cities in Cappadocia are the most striking places in the region. An average of thousands of people visiting Cappadocia per year, especially the underground cities. Although some of the underground cities in Cappadocia are not open to visitors, many of them accept visitors. It was built for underground cities, in short, for people to escape from the war and to protect themselves.

How Many Underground Cities Are There in Cappadocia?

When we consider a book called 'Anabasis' as a source, we assume that there are over 200 underground cities in Cappadocia. According to what Ksenephon, the author of the book in question, tells in the book, he stayed for a while in Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı Underground Cities in this region. Some underground cities have an average capacity of 30 thousand people. According to research, underground cities have existed since the 4th century BC. Likewise, it is possible to encounter many ruins from the Hittites here.

When we look at the structure of Cappadocia, it emerged as a result of a volcanic eruption. Because of this, the rocks are very easy to erode. The people who built the underground cities also made their intelligence speak, and they used the said feature of Cappadocia in the best way. According to the estimates, we can conclude that the underground cities built have a capacity of 30 thousand people, and the construction of the underground cities takes quite a long time.

Why were Underground Cities Built?

The Cappadocia region has faced many wars from history to the present. Therefore, people built these underground cities as shelters to protect themselves. But there is another thought. At the same time, the people living in the Cappadocia region were in a constant struggle with the land. Therefore, this effort may have pushed them to build such underground cities. Apart from all these, there are rumors about the reasons for the underground cities built in Cappadocia. However, it is still not clearly known for what purpose the first dimensions of the cities were built. In every respect, we can say that there was a purpose in building the underground cities. And it seems like it worked pretty well for people at the time.

Underground cities have been used for different purposes since they were built. Christians used this place as a shelter to get rid of oppression. When we look at the Seljuk period, the Seljuks used this place as a military base.

In the underground cities, against a possible attack, they made connections from all the houses in this region to the underground cities. Underground cities are ideal structures to protect themselves from the enemy, thanks to the rooms and traps that are difficult to pass. Therefore, they are the most important structures in Cappadocia.