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    Kızılırmak üzerinde Kapadokya'ya gelmişken deneyimlenmesi gereken eğlenceli ve adrenalin dolu Jet Boat tur acentemiz tarafından sağlanamaktadır.
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Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour

Jet Boat Tour is an activity on Kızılırmak, one of the most famous rivers of our country, which also passes through the Cappadocia region. It is an adrenaline-filled trip on the Kızılırmak. A jetboat is a boat. However, unlike other boats, it has a very powerful engine. Thanks to this, it moves quite quickly. It creates an image as if it is flying on the water. Jet Boat Tour is very common in other countries and is an activity that adventure lovers show great interest in.

However, it has not spread much in Turkey yet. Cappadocia jet boat tour is an event organized for the first time in our country. The fact that Kızılırmak is suitable for Jet Boat Tour has also been effective in this situation. In addition to the cultural tours in Cappadocia, Jet Boat Tour is an unmissable opportunity for visitors seeking excitement. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to witness one of the natural beauties in Cappadocia.

Kizilırmak River Avanos

The Kızılırmak River, which passes through Avanos and Urgup districts, which are among the most important places in the Cappadocia region, impresses those who see it. It attracts the attention of tourists both because of the serenity of the flowing water and the fact that it is suitable for water sports. Activities such as Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour and gondola tours are very popular among tourists visiting Cappadocia. Jet Boat Tour offers you the opportunity to experience an adrenaline-filled experience. Especially adventure-loving visitors will enjoy this activity. Therefore, when the Cappadocia Boat Tour is combined with the beauty of the Kızılırmak River, it turns into a very impressive activity.

One of the most important natural beauties in Cappadocia is Kızılırmak. The Kızılırmak, which is famous for its reverse flow, passes through many of our cities. These include Urgup and Avanos and Nevsehir. When Kızılırmak is added to the beauty of these regions with its fairy chimneys and valleys, it attracts an intense touristic interest. Kızılırmak is also very important in terms of being suitable for water sports. Thanks to its water level and flow rate, Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour and Gondola tour are possible. Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour stands out because it is different from the usual walking and valley tours in Cappadocia. It is the first address in Cappadocia, especially for adrenaline enthusiasts. In addition, it is frequently preferred by visitors who want to add excitement to their Cappadocia trip. Detailed information about the Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour is in the continuation of our article.

For the Adrenaline Lovers Cappadocia Boat Tour

This tour is an activity where you will experience adrenaline and excitement at its peak. Therefore, it is the first address, especially for adventure lovers. In addition, it attracts great attention from tourists who want to taste the excitement and add movement to their Cappadocia holiday. Since it is not common in Turkey, Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour becomes an indispensable part of holidays in Cappadocia. Cappadocia holiday is the best place to get many new experiences.

An example of this is the Cappadocia balloon tour, which is very popular in our country and the world. In addition, the Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour is the most preferred activity for visitors who want to gain new experiences. Especially in the spring and summer months, this tour is very enjoyable with the peace of water. The extraordinary beauty of the Kızılırmak also adds a different atmosphere to the scenery of the tour.

Where to Take a Cappadocia Jet Boat Tours?

The Kızılırmak begins in Kızıldag in the İmralı district of Sivas. Its length is 1,355 km. Kızılırmak is connected to the Black Sea in Samsun's Bafra district. It passes through Kayseri, Nevsehir, Kırsehir, Kırıkkale, Ankara, Cankırı, Çorum and Sinop, respectively. The part of the Kızılırmak in Nevsehir passes through Urgup and Avanos. The tour is made in the part of Kızılırmak passing through Nevsehir. Cappadocia, the longest river that starts and ends within the borders of our country, is the most suitable place for the Jet Boat Tour experience.

How to do a Cappadocia Jet Boat Tours?

Cappadocia has many natural structures, each more fascinating than the other. Kızılırmak, one of the most beautiful rivers of our country, also passes through Cappadocia. Therefore, the Cappadocia jet boat tour is an activity on the Kızılırmak. Cappadocia jet boat tour is made with boats with special engines. Boats are for 8 people. Professionally trained drivers use the boats. Passengers are provided with life jackets and helmets.

For the safety of passengers, they should not remove their helmets and life jackets during the tour. In addition, it is recommended that the passengers who will participate in the tour wear comfortable clothes and shoes and wear sunglasses. In order not to endanger the life and property of the passengers, it is not allowed to take photos and videos during the tour. However, videos of the passengers are taken during the tour with the cameras on the boats. In addition, there is a break during the tour to take pictures. Apart from this, a catering break can be given depending on the request of the passengers.

Who Can Join Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour?

This tour is one of the most interesting activities for tourists visiting Cappadocia. It is a unique opportunity, especially for tourists who love excitement and adventure. However, since the Cappadocia Jet Boat Tours are a very exciting activity with fast maneuvers, it may be a problem for some people to participate in their health. For this reason, it is not recommended for pregnant women, those with heart disease, and those with panic attacks to join the tour. In addition, the age limit required to participate in the tour is 9. Children under the age of 9 cannot join the Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour. In addition, children participating in the tour must be taller than 120 cm.

When is the Cappadocia Jet Boat Tour?

Jet Boat Tours are held at any time of the year as long as the weather conditions, water level, and visibility are favorable. In addition, the Jet Boat Tour starts at 13.00 on weekdays and Saturdays. The tour duration is 10 minutes. Detailed information is provided by HTR Turkey Tours.